Mallet putter covers

Mallet putter covers

Our mallet putter cover is now available and was launched later than the rest of the Klink Golf product line.

The testing process has took longer than expected due to the wide range of sizes and shapes of mallet putters. After several iterations, we've came to the realization that it's not feasible to cater to every single mallet putter. Therefore, we designed the cover to fit as many putters as possible by finding a common size that would suit most of them.

The covers have been specifically engineered to accommodate the Taylormade Spider Tour putter, which is known to be one of the larger and more popular putters available. It also fits most of the Taylormade, Odyssey, and Scotty Cameron range of mallet putters. However, we regret to inform you that we won't currently be catering to less common center-shafted mallet putters at this time.

Part of the long testing processed was that we have been very particular with the padding and magnet positioning and strength. The padding's primary role is to protect the club head, however we wanted it to add the the overall look and feel of the cover providing form and function. The thickness and strength of the padding that we have used helps the create the right feel and weight whilst ensuring a snug and plush fit.

Again, we had some very strict requirements for the magnets that are embedded within the cover. Many mallet covers are closed via either Velcro or button clasps. These work well initial but do not last over time or present the high quality finish that we want to achieve. We have sourced magnets from around the world to select our magnet of choice. The securing flap now shuts with a snap, stays shut in all scenarios and is even strong enough to hang of your irons or trolley as you walk onto the green and sink that birdie put!


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