Q. Are the covers waterproof?

A. Our faux leather covers are as close to being waterproof as they can be. They will keep your clubs dry in pretty much all conditions, however we do not wax the seams, coat them with a product or line them with a waterproof fabric.

As with all headcovers, if your clubs get wet during your round it is advised to remove covers and allow both clubs and covers to dry to prevent rusting and corrosion of your clubs.

Q. How should I clean the covers if they get dirty?

A. Our covers can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. The use of abrasive products or cloths may lead to marking the cover.

Q. How durable is the printed pattern?

A. The patterns are a digital print onto a faux leatherette so with all things printed or painted they could be subject to occasional scuffs and scrapes. If you decide to drag them along a brick wall they will scuff and it's not possible to buff it out as you will have compromised the print. It is not possible to mitigate against all potential outcomes as to how you treat the cover. 

Q. Can I wash my towel

A. You can wash the towel on a low temperature cycle and air dry. Don't forget to the remove the carabiner clip prior to putting in the washing machine.

Q. Do you offer a custom made service?

A. At present we are not offering a custom "one-off" service as it is just not viable via the production method. Should you require several of the same design for something like a tour, captains day, society etc. then please get in touch and we'll see if we can help you.