Pineapple Skull Headcovers

Pineapple Skull Headcovers

Klink Golf strive to keep bringing out new and exciting designs and colourways for all of our headcovers, towels and other relevant accessories. Our first new design since launch is being dropped on the 26th August 2023.

We took a different direction with this one. All of our other designs have been created in house. Inspiration has come from a variety of sources but we have created each design from scratch.

Pineapple skulls is different! the base artwork for this design is well known and used in a variety of ways and formats in and outside of golf. In this situation we thought if we cant beat them then lets join them!

We purchased the rights to the image and naturally, spent a lot of time tweaking the artwork and playing with colours to get the design to one that represented Klink Golf. It has tropical and Hawaiian feels to it with some great colour contrasts that make it stand out. 

With this design we also wanted to drop two colourways that compliment each other so that you can bring your bag to life with a mixed set of Pineapple skulls headcovers. We love the way that the Pineapple Skulls Light and Pineapple Skulls Dark designs match up in your bag.

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