The Camo Collection

The Camo Collection

We love our Camo collection and the three different designs that make up the collection. However, it wasn't plain sailing getting to the final designs.

Over recent years Camo and urban Camo designs have been on an upward trend in many areas, golf apparel and casual wear to name a few. We really liked the idea of having an urban camo golf headcover design so set about putting our spin on the idea.

Looking at traditional camo designs there are 10+ camo families, Woodland, Disruptive pattern camouflage, Flecktarn etc, and then many colourways and variations within each of those families. We reviewed many before selecting our favourite base pattern.

At this point we started to play around with various colour combinations. We knew that we wanted a grey/black combination and a brighter accent colour so you would have thought that this part of the process was going to be would be mistaken. Trying nearly 15 different shades of grey is not something that we anticipated but between the colour balancing of the overall design and the difference in appearance from a computer screen to the printed faux leather we finally found a combination that gave us a headcover and towel design that we were happy with.

After signing off our black camo headcover design as our original colour combination we looked to add variations to the collection. We repeated the process until we settled on the blue camo headcover design as our second colourway of the collection.

The negative camo headcover design came about by coincidence, or fate some might say. Whilst designing our towels we created the negative pattern to sit on the reverse of the towels, we liked this so much that we ended up using it as a stand alone headcover within the camo collection. Of the three designs within the collection, Black Camo, Blue Camo and Negative Camo we have a towel that matches two of these designs.

We love the Camo collection and the way that each design looks, be it on a driver headcover or a putter headcover, but particularly how it looks out on the course.

The Camo Collection

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