The Hex

The Hex

With many organic and chaotic patterns in the mix we felt the need for something a little more geometric and ordered without being too regimented. Original called The Hex Fade, due to the pattern fading into nothing, The Hex was born.

It started out as a more industrial / robotic pattern in moody black and grey with red fills (intended to denote club number) but with the Camo collections being further along in design we felt that we didn't need another black, grey and red cover. We were, however, missing other colours one of which was yellow. It seems like an obvious choice for a Hex pattern with the close connection to bee's but it wasn't just this that made us land on yellow. To be fair most colours work, as long as they are bright, and we do have two future releases already in our back pocket.

The design itself has both the black and the yellow overlaid on a carbon fibre texture image which not only gives what would be a flat image a lift but also gives a subtle gradient of colour across the pattern.

After we had decided on the yellow for our golf headcovers we had a little play about with a few alternative colourways but not on the carbon fibre image. Reds, greens then blended colours and there was just something about the Blue blend that just seemed to work especially when we put it on a white backing fabric.

While the blue was in development the golf towel started to come to life and in a similar way to the Camo golf towel the Negative Hex headcovers came about from the design to the reverse side of The Hex golf towel. Having already decided that we needed a golf towel for our Hex head cover collection the colourway for the towel evolved from wanting to offer products that would appeal to all golfers. Following the trend for the reverse of our golf towels the Negative Hex outline was tested on a headcover and we were very pleased with the result.

The Hex collection

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