The Skulls

The Skulls

Where to begin with our Sugar Skulls head covers and towel?

The Mexican Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival has become a globally recognised event and the Sugar Skull design has found its way into a lot of merchandise and apparel both inside and outside of golf. With that said it was an obvious choice for us to use in conjunction with golf headcovers and towels, after all it is the style that lead to Klink Golf becoming an idea with custom hybrid head covers being designed. Most brands offer a Sugar Skull design, some quite serious but most are bright, fun and funky.

The design evolved over several styles starting with a more dark, realistic and heavily detailed skulls to some overly simplistic, but very bright and playful ones. Several days later, and another watch of Coco, the cartoon style started to emerge. 

We soon took the decision to follow the fun and funky route with our cartoon style Sugar Skulls as they were both interesting and eye catching without being too serious. Most have been named at one time or another. Franc is a personal favourite, Jose is a bandit and we are not allowed to talk about Bruno!

The Skulls collection

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